Elements salt room
and wellness


Welcome to Elements Salt Room and Wellness.  I am Becky Byrne.  I am a certified Massage Therapist, Biofeedback Specialist and Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists - the largest and oldest hypnosis organization in the world.  I have been working in the wellness industry since 2001.

I find joy in educating  my clients about the powerful connection between their mind and body utilizing all the tools I've gained over the years.  Maybe my client will learn how the  deep breath they take during their massage can actually lower the level of pain they feel in their body.  Maybe they enjoyed a better night's sleep after a biofeedback session.  Maybe they were able to deeply relax during a guided meditation in the salt room.  Perhaps they were able to examine their patterns of behavior from a different perspective during a hypnosis session.    It is my passion to help people understand this mind-body connection and teach them to use it to create positive changes in their bodies and in their lives.

My goal at Elements Salt Room and Wellness is to provide a comfortable place to relax your body, calm your mind and feel better.

Providing the Elements for complete relaxation.

Ready to see what we offer?

Elements Salt Room and Wellness offers hypnosis, EPR biofeedback and halotherapy (dry salt therapy). 

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