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It is a trance state that feels much like daydreaming in which a person is more open to new suggestions, perceptions and ideas while feeling deeply relaxed. The government’s definition of hypnosis is: The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

You are always in charge in a hypnotic trance. You cannot be hypnotised to do things against your will. In fact, you cannot go into a hypnotic trance state at all against your will.

Although stage hypnosis is entertaining it is not what will take place in a regular session. You will be seated in a comfortable chair with a cozy blanket and feel deeply relaxed.

There are thousands of documented cases where hypnosis has been successfully used various issues. A hypnotist can provide no guarantees. You are an active, willing participant in the process. Your desire for a solution to the problem is critically important to the success of your sessions. As your hypnotist, I am there to guide you through the process but it is you who is in control of the session.

I will guide you through a hypnosis induction that induces a deep state of relaxation similar to meditation. I use various testing techniques to make sure you have reached the proper trance state (somnambulism) and will then offer hypnotic suggestions to address the issue for which you have scheduled your session. Afterward, I gently guide you back to an awake and alert state.

It is estimated that about 10% of the population are not able to be hypnotized, however, most people can be hypnotized if they are willing.

For some people and some issues there may be success after one session. However, just like physical fitness usually requires more than one trip to the gym, the same is true for hypnosis. Most people can see positive results in about six sessions but it varies from person to person and from issue to issue

You will not be asleep while in a hypnotic trance state. Instead, you will feel like you’re daydreaming. We naturally experience trance states several times throughout our day. The feeling we have when we become engrossed in a movie or a book is a trance state. We are aware of things happening around us but our focus is concentrated on that movie or book. Have you ever been driving and realized you weren’t sure if the last traffic light you went through was actually green? This is called “highway hypnosis” or “automatic pilot” and it happens to many people. It is a form of trance

No. I am not a doctor or psychological counselor, and do not treat or diagnose any physical or mental health problems. I will never suggest that you discontinue any prescribed treatment or medications, as that is for a medical doctor to determine. If you are being treated for a medical condition, I require that you get a referral from your doctor. I may coordinate with doctors or therapists concerning issues such as pain management, reducing stress, changing habitual patterns such as smoking and overeating, and other habitual or behavioral issues. To clarify even further: Psychotherapy means the diagnosis and conversational treatment of mental disease. Hypnotherapy or hypnosis means the use of trance and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling and behavior.

We will meet for an initial consultation to discuss your goals and decide whether hypnosis is the proper modality to achieve those goals. If we choose to move forward, you will enjoy the professional yet relaxed atmosphere of our office. You will settle into a cozy recliner with a blanket and pillow for comfort. You will wear wireless headphones that allow you to focus only on my voice and peaceful ambient music as you relax into a perfect place of calm relaxation.

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